Choo Choo… It’s the Potty Train!

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In my household we are about to embark on the biggest life-altering event of our young daughter’s life…potty training. We purchased the potty seat, made a potty chart, and have hundreds of stickers and awards. To make potty-training less of an ordeal we decided to incorporate one of Hallie’s favorite things from her Kindermusik class– her Shiny Dinah book. We walk throughout house pretending that we are on the Shiny Dinah Choo Choo potty train. Shiny Dinah’s pit-stop is conveniently located at the upstairs bathroom where we try to use the potty regardless if we are truly successful or not. Once we are off the potty and wash our hands we choo choo to our bedroom and read Shiny Dinah. Though we are in the early stages of our potty training it seems to make the journey to the potty much more manageable and fun! If you find just the walk to the potty almost unbearable, try jazzing it up and see if your little one likes getting on board the Shiny Dinah Choo Choo potty train. At the very least, it’s a great workout (depending on how animated you can get!)

posted by Miss Kim – Kindermusik Teacher, mom to Hallie and potty-training newbie

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